Children’s Books Set in Dorset

Mary Anning (History VIPs), by Kay Barnham

‘She sells sea shells on the sea shore’ – and she really did! This rhyme is thought to have been written about Mary Anning, an amazing fossilist and dinosaur expert, who was almost unknown at the time she lived. This biography explores the life of Mary Anning, from her first fossil finds at the age of ten to her sales of important discoveries to wealthy scientists. Mary’s fossil finds made a great contribution to what scientist understood about pre-historic life.

Through the story of Mary Anning, readers learn about life and society in the 1800s and Victorian Britain. We learn what it was like to be born into a poor family and about the roles of women in society and in the field of science.

The Dinosaur Detectives in the Jurassic Coast, by Stephanie Baudet

Matt and his family are taking a break from dinosaurs! This holiday they’re in Dorset to sort through a distant uncle’s belongings. But Matt and Jo can’t resist the urge to investigate when they find an ancient map belonging to Mary Anning in the basement.

It’s hard to avoid fossils on the Jurassic Coast, and dinosaurs are not the only things hidden in the cliffs of Lyme Regis …

The Dinosaur Detectives is a fun filled adventure series following the story of Matt Sharp and his family as they hunt for dinosaur eggs.

This fact meets fiction series is great for the young explorer aged 7+.

A Girl Called Mary: The Remarkable Story of British Fossil Hunter Mary Anning, by G. D. Waters

A fun and engaging story told in rhyme for younger readers, exploring the true tale of the greatest fossil hunter who ever lived!

Mary Anning was an ordinary girl with an extraordinary talent for finding fossils. Join her as she searches the beaches and cliffs around her seaside home and discovers clues about animals from long ago!

Packed with colourful illustrations, this book will delight parents and children alike.

Five On A Treasure Island: Book 1, The Famous Five, by Enid Blyton

Meet Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timothy. Together they are THE FAMOUS FIVE – Enid Blyton’s most popular adventure series.

‘There was something else out on the sea by the rocks – something dark that seemed to lurch out of the waves . . . What could it be?’ Julian, Dick and Anne are spending the holidays with their tomboy cousin George and her dog, Timothy.

One day, George takes them to explore nearby Kirrin Island, with its rocky little coast and old ruined castle on the top. Over on the island, they make a thrilling discovery, which leads them deep into the dungeons of Kirrin Castle on a dangerous adventure.

Who – and what – will they find there? Fantastic new cover art by Laura Ellen Anderson will draw young readers into this accessible timeless classic.

All 21 titles also available as audiobooks!

Children’s Books Set in Dorset

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